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Project Green Growth

In our 25 years of experience, continuous improvement has been our motto; seeking excellence in our production process and our end product and caring for our natural resources at all times. These practices have allowed us to receive recognition with the Rain Forest Alliance Certification, the Green Growth Project and Discover Costa Rica, specifically for changing the process line at the packing plant, thus reducing water consumption.

Biological Control Laboratory

Melones del Sol has been a pioneer in the use of biological controllers, working closely with Laboratorios Doctor Obregón (www.doctorobregó We have a laboratory equipped for the reproduction of beneficial fungi and bacteria for pest control in soils and crops.

Production of Trichoderma


Technological tools in crop management

We make use of new technologies, such as sensors in the soil, monitoring humidity, temperature and salinity, which allows us to make better decisions for irrigation, water use reduction and fertilization.

Nutritional tracking and multi-spectral imaging


Multi-Spectral Imaging

Multi-Spectral Imaging

Alternative Energies/Green Energies

We are committed to the well-being of our planet, so we have installed solar panels in our packing plant, in one of our wells and in our biological control laboratory for water heating, reducing our carbon footprint.


Solar water heater


Solar water well


Solar Panels

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