Our company started operations in 1998 with a program to export melons and watermelons from Costa Rica. We have an area of 150 hectares and produce the varieties Yellow Honey Dew melons, Piel de Sapo melons, watermelon with and without seed. 

Melones del Sol’s main buyers are in the UK, Italy and the Netherlands, which then distribute the fruit to all of Europe and the UK. Being a small company, we can quickly respond to changes in demand and provide additional focus on quality checks. Switching rapidly is much more difficult for large companies and thus we’ve found the niche that allows us to continue operating successfully.

Our strength lies in being able to adapt to new varieties, meeting specific customer requirements and providing personalized attention, having high quality standards, responding quickly to changes in the market, and having a strong social and environmental focus.



Our company has a strict environmental responsibility. Our concern for the environment led us to produce without ever having used methyl bromide, and to recycle the plastics needed for cultivation.


We have permanent control over the management of all required supplies and we try to use environmentally friendly products with a strong emphasis on biological controllers, most of which are produced in our own laboratories.

We have solar panels with which we generate part of the energy that powers our packing plant and a water well that works 100% with solar energy.



Melon production is seasonal and thus we grow rice, corn and papayas as secondary activities during the off-season. All of these products are destined for local markets.


We are very proud of our work force in all departments: Field, Technical and Administrative. Their wellbeing and security is of outmost importance.


We have a thriving Employee Solidarity Association (ASEDELSOL) as well as a Permanent Workers Committee authorized and registered with the Work and Social Security Ministry.

Our relationship with the neighbor communities of Santa Rita, San Pablo and Carmona is one of full cooperation. We have excellent communication and work in partnership with the different institutes and organized groups in the area.